Professional Portfolio

A portfolio of selected writings, composed primarily of articles written for the Montana State Exponent and freelance projects completed for other publications.


Columns calling for protection of wild places or increased public access and exploring Montana’s outdoor heritage.


Articles analyzing civil rights, campaign finance, and the biennial Montana Legislature, among other topics.


Issues of rural and urban community in Montana, focusing often on education and the Montana ethic.


Feature-style reporting covering MSU graduates, small businesses, and complex topics like the history of guns on Montana State’s campus.


Biweekly Brewponent columns focused on Montana microbreweries, but also legislative analysis and reflections on the role of alcohol in society.


Issues of social justice and politics tackled through satire and published in the Exponent’s biweekly Sugarbeet feature (à la Onion).

MSU Exponent

A collection of selected writings published exclusively in the Exponent, Montana State’s student newspaper.

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