About this Blog

This blog, Mountain Solitaire, serves as both a portfolio of my professional work and a personal blog. Here’s how to navigate it:

  • My personal blog posts are all published under the “Personal Blog” tab. These include travel stories and other related musings.
  • The most important articles I have published are available under the “Professional Portfolio” tab. These include the bulk of my writings for the MSU Exponent in addition to recent freelance pieces; they can be viewed as a single blogroll or based on loose categories, such as “environment” or “politics.”
  • If you would like to contact me about freelance writing, editing, or photography work; are interested in reusing articles or photographs from this site; or want to get a hold of me for any other reason, please use the form on the “Contact Me” page. I’m always excited about new projects.

    Ross Pass, Bridger Mountains, Montana.

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